DEFECT (CC 777) - Losing Tabs

I’ve uncovered a bug that seems to be losing tabs - easy to reproduce:

Given this design

Note that the middle rectangle has three tabs.
I select the rectangle and click on the tabs button

Now all I do is click OK without changing anything:

Note that the tabs are now gone.

If I now try to add the tabs back in, they will not stay:

and press OK:

They will not get added.

I can’t duplicate that:

Please try rebooting, then adding the tabs — if it still doesn’t work, upload the file.

Ah…more info:

Problem did not occur until i turned on Tiling. Once tiling is turned on, the steps above will create the issue. Here’s the file I’m using:
File with tab issues.c2d (356 KB)

and my steps:

  • Open the file
  • Select the middle rect
  • Add three tabs (I put mine on the top of the rectangle - out of the lower tile - but I’m not sure if that matters yet)
  • Click OK - the tabs will remain. All looks good

Now go to Toolpaths and click Tiling on

Now go back to DESIGN, and click Tabs and press OK.
The tabs will disappear.

@WillAdams Have you reproduced it yet?
I checked…it does not matter if the tabs are in or out of the 1st tile…and it doesn’t seem to matter where you place them. I’ll do a little more experimentation and see if I can localize the issue even more.

I created it from a file from scratch.

  • Created a 36" Rectangle
  • Applied tabs and pressed OK - everything worked correctly
  • Went to Toolpaths and selected TILING
  • Went back to Design and clicked TABS and OK - and the Tabs disappeared and cannot be created again.

@WillAdams I rebooted (as requested) and started from scratch with a simple rectangle on a new design - and was able to reproduce the problem with these steps:

Design Tab

  • New Design
  • Draw a rectangle
  • Apply Tabs (Click OK - Tabs Remain)

Toolpath Tab

  • Click Tiling On

Design Tab (Rectangle still selected)

  • Bring up Tab Dialog
  • Press OK (Tabs Disappear)

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce this behavior.

  • Gary

Yes, that I was able to replicate — putting this in now.

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I have a work around until this issue is fixed. Once you create the tabs and they disappear go to edit menu and undo. Tabs will reappear.
Hope this helps

Now that’s a sweet work-around! It turns out that the undo will even preserve a new tab that’s added (or a change to the existing tabs). Excellent. I guess they’re doing something after the edit is completed to eliminate them. Good catch. Thanks!

Glad it worked out for you. I haven’t been working with CCPro for a couple of months and just happened on the problem after upgrading this morning.