DEFECT [v. 748] Polygon Side Count Reverting to 6

Create a polygon

Set sides to a number other than 6 (using 12)

Everything looks good until you try to use the polygon. Try a toolpath:

Then click OK

Polygon size reverts to 6.

This even happens if you save the file, open it, and then do something with the polygon


Has anyone else seen this…is it noted?

I still had 7.47 installed on my Mac and it exhibits the same behavior as you describe. After downloading and installing 7.48, it works as intended. Maybe there were two 7.48 versions uploaded and you got the earlier one with the issue? Or, if you are on Windows, maybe the bug was fixed on the Mac version but not on the Windows version.

This one is definitely 748…I doubt they put out 2 748s. Maybe it’s the Mac/Win difference…as I’m on Win.

I did notice that if you do something like offset the polygon, both the polygon and the offset copy are then “fine”. There is something weird…and probably easy to fix going on.

[EDIT] The behavior when modifying the polygon prior to putting a toolpath on it is not consistent (or at least I haven’t figured out what the common action is yet). Sometimes doing things like offsets clears the problem, other times it doesn’t. I

I just refreshed the cache on the download page and reloaded 748 (Win) Beta. Same problem. Maybe it’s fixed in the Mac version, or maybe you stumbled on the “fix it” action before putting the toolpath on it

Can you try the following steps without any others:

  • Create the polygon
  • Change the sides
  • Deselect and reselect the polygon
  • Apply a toolpath

and see what happens?

I have version 729/MAC and just ran a quick test. This is not a problem with the older version.

OK, the problem reproduces with your steps on the Mac version. The first time, I created the polygon, changed the number of sides, then applied the toolpath. That did not change the number of sides. The key seems to be deselecting then re-selecting the polygon. The number of sides stays correct until you try to apply the toolpath.

Great … Thanks. Confirmed then.

I’m behind on my updates but this issue is in 743.

Confirmed on Mac v.743, which appears to be the most current prod version…

Created a polygon initially with 6 sides. Changed sides to 12, clicked into Radius field to see the updated polygon with 12 sides.

Reverts to 6 sides when the Toolpath tab is selected and prior to choosing a tool path type to use.

Replicated in Build 748 on Windows — putting in a bug report now.


Confirmed Fixed in 756 Beta.


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