Defining an engraving bit in the tool list

I’m wondering about defining an engraving bit in the tool list. I have a few different sizes with different angles and flat widths on the tips. Some like what’s pictured but more with steeper angles and broader flat tips.

I’ve got some of the two colour layer ABS material that name badges and the like are done with.

One thought I had might be to just define them as straight flat ends (the width of the flat) which I’m assuming would work with pocketing giving the sides a slope but would make for many passes trying to route out a shallow (.02" deep) but wider pocket around some small lettering.

Should be covered in:


Yes, I’m familiar with those resources, but it’s not really v-carving I’m trying to do. Although the picture I chose is a 45 degree bit I have others that are 10, 15 and 30 degree angles with flat ends ranging from .1mm up to .4mm. Haven’t used any of them yet. I just got ahold of some of the layered ABS material a few days ago and want to experiment with some engraving on it to expose the bottom colour.

The point of the video is showing you how at add new tools to the library.

An engraving tool (whether it is going to be used for V-Carving or Engraving) still needs to be added to the library, right?

As far as the flats at the tip of the cutter, CC does not allow you to add that information (mainly because this feature is at the bottom of the engraving and usually irrelevant.

Here are the fields: (now please go add your tools)

Yes, I know how to add a tool, I’ve added a few other sized regular bits to it already. I’m wondering about those engraving bits though. The bottom of what I’m thinking of using them for is very relevant being a different colour. I want it to show. Perhaps I’m thinking of using that bit in the wrong way.

try looking over this

may be helpful

Thanks Mark, that’s a thread I’ve missed. That’s the type of material I’ve got a few colours of. I’m thinking of doing some little signs/tags like those but probably more artistic pieces with pocketing around both small letters and shapes.

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