Dell PC Sale 17%+

I spend a huge amount of time waiting on tool paths to calculate, almost as much time as the machine takes to do the associated operation. I would say 75% of my CNC experience is designing and calculation in Fusion.
Obviously if you are regularly spending many hours designing you want a modern platform.

Just wanted to give a heads up, if you are PC shopping Dell is having a 17% off sale right now plus other incentives, you can get a loaded up top of the top of the line Alienware i9-9900 KS processor 5 GHZ water cooled overclocked with a RTX 2080 11g card and 64 gigs of 2933 ram for 3800 delivered after discounts.
They are also offering no interest if paid off in a year.

They also sell a very nice 8K monitor that will compliment this very well.
This sale only happens 2 times a year…
Alienware comes to your house to fix your computer free for a year after purchase also if there is a problem…
Make sure you select the i9-9900 KS processor… They are selling the K model which is the previous version at 4.7 GHZ.


A friend of mine works at the Dell Austin Texas plant/offices. They are closing their offices and telling workers to work from home. Dell already has a large work from home infrastructure in place. The sale may, repeat may, go on longer. With the concern over the Corona Virus a lot of things may be shutting down and/or asking employees to work from home. With a general slow down in business there may be more sales to move products. If you are in the market for tools this may be an opportunity to buy. So keep your wish list close by and check on your favorite vendors to see if sales start up.

Also go and wash your hands, cough in the crook of your elbow and stay out of crowded public places if you are older or are compromised health wise. You can work on more CNC projects.

Stay calm and machine on.


Damn that is a nicely specced pc… If only the minister of finance would allow it!

On that note, I’ve been running a 34" ultrawide dell monitor at work, I’m definitely a convert to the ultrawide form factor.


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