Depth issues on Specific Portions

:man_shrugging: Any ideas what caused this?

I doubled checked my fusion file, didn’t see anything off nominal. First cut was a 1/16 up cut and left .02 stock, followed by a 6.2 degree 1/32 tapered ball tip.

The lines from the parallel ball tip only happened when it cut the slight dimples from the original design.

Bad CAD file? Bad G Code? Or did the machine missed the command?

It’s not a disaster, simple sanding will take those lines out, just concerned. Maybe this will kick me in the butt to do some preventive maintenance.

Any thoughts?

Check your router spindle for play up and down. If bearings are worn that may cause dimples.

With router off grab spindle and see if it wiggles. Also if z carriage wiggles.

The lines may need smaller stepover.

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Is it a Shapeoko 4 or Pro that you have?

@gdon_2003 got some good play in my router. Guess it might be time to upgrade or do some maintenance on it.

@BrokenEndmill It’s a pro. Had it for a year and super happy with it.

I don’t know what the heck was with this project. Everything that could of went wrong…did. So glad to get this finished and out the door. Good riddance!!


Ok, I just asked in case you had a SO4, then there might be some loose v-wheels.

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