Design files for the control panel box?

This is one really for @WillAdams - by any chance do you have the design file for the electronics box?

Mine didn’t come with one - early model. I did make myself one out of Acrylic, but recent’y picked up some thin sheet steel, I was going to design my own but prefer to plagiarise the C3D version if possible?

Thanks, Luke

I don’t think we have them. They’d be here: or if we did.

There is a drawing for a lid for the original aluminum one:

and some more at:

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Thanks @WillAdams - I had the original aluminium cover with the fan - I always worried about a bit of metal flying up there and frying the board, so made lids - this led to a re-design and I made a acrylic box over 12 months ago.

I made it’s a little small. It has also taken a bit of a beating being taken on/off all the time with my limit switch and spindle mods.

All that over with it looks like I have one in the mail :slight_smile: thank you very much! Now if only I could return the favour…

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