Design into 3D: Box: Mitered: faceted lid

Worked up a design for this in BlockSCAD:

including an option to lay out the parts to cut:



By golly, I think you’ve got this figured out, Will. +1 :smiley:

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If anyone wants to experiment with it:

Naturally the next step is exporting to OpenSCAD, moving the variables and adjusting them for the Customizer and adding projection() commands where necessary:

then export SVGs and import into Carbide Create.

Cutting this went well:

Just needed a few cuts with a utility knife to free it, and a few swipes with a file to clean up the edges.

Should have been a bit more patient about assembly (and taken the time to use painter’s tape in addition to rubber bands for clamping):

Next up is sanding and finishing and hardware.

File for cutting at: Design into 3D_ Box_ Miter_CC509.c2d (116.8 KB)

(Note that it needs CC5xx)

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