Design into 3D project live on Kickstarter

This is now up:

Let me know if you have any questions!


I have no idea yet what project I’ll propose, but your involvment in this community was enough reason for me to contribute. Fingers crossed !

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Thanks! (Kind of figured the first donation was you)

I was kind of caught flat-footed by the instant/automatic approval — hopefully will be making some more content for the page tonight and getting that posted. Thus far I have:

  • boxes
    • fingerjoint: CNC Finger Joint Box
    • fitted
    • mitered w/ hidden spline
    • rabbeted boxes — there’s already a generator for these, and I worked up instructions on them based on a video
    • dovetail (half blind) — needs a fixture and a dovetail router bit: Sharing Carbide Create Dovetail Files
  • furniture
    • child’s step stool — have this in a sketchbook, need to make a duplicate of a stool my wife used as a child and which our daughter really enjoyed
    • bookshelves — the correct translation of “too many books” is “not enough bookshelves”
  • tools
    • hex bit holder — this one I need to work out how to get cut — I’ve got an
      OpenSCAD file which will make an STL, but workholding is a real problem:
    • calipers — need to work out the math and logic to make them parametric
    • hand brace/drill — found a really cool wooden one from Japan on eBay which should be easy to make on the machine

I’m also going to need feedback on what the defaults should be, and what features and options should be worked up, and how things ought to be named.

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Awesome! I’m excited you finally got this live.

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I just backed your Kickstarter I am new to the Shapeoko and this forum but you have helped me with all your posts, I am not sure if I will suggest a project yet but I am looking forward to see this work I hope you reach the goal and it happens.


I’ll be suggesting a fancy vertical work holding jig, well fancier than my piece of plywood with holes in it.:slight_smile: Best of luck on the campaign!


Thanks! I put one of those up at:

and the following pages:

Cool! How have I missed this? Well, I’ll have to come up with a new project.

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I’ve started in on a web page to document all this at:

Design into 3D is an effort to create a systematic set of project generators for CNC projects, documenting things well enough that one would be able to draw up traditional plans using pen and pencil and fabricate an instance of a project using hand tools.

It is simultaneously:

  • an opensource project which is a collection of projects for things such as boxes, furniture, and tools
  • a Kickstarter
  • a book (currently in early draft stages)
  • a website:
  • a design philosophy

The design philosophy touches on the idea that fundamentally there are only two types of furniture:

  • platforms
  • boxes

with more complicated pieces incorporating both structures.

I’ll be continuing that there, but look forward to any discussions or thoughts which folks might have.

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Just posted my first update!

There’s been a bit of activity here in various threads:

and I’ve gotten started on a wiki page:

My thanks to everyone who has supported this so far!

A second update:

which most importantly, has files / photos / tests of the first project.


The Kickstarter project that WillAdams started is so close now only need another $240 in pledges to make this come true I believe this is a good project and would be helpful to many people starting out with a cnc also I believe Will has helped so many out here and we should be sure to support him in this so please lets do what we can to make this project come true only have a few days left to back it.


Thanks for the reminder! I pitched it and now it’s only $55 away.


$2095 over 2000 now. Yay!
9 more days to make that a larger amount, this is worth it.



I guess I need to work up some stretch goals — how do these sound?

  • $3,000 — the number of projects in the book will increase to 12
  • $4,000 — in addition to computer generated 3D renderings and line art drawings, hand-drawn illustrations of each project will be commissioned from a professional illustrator and included in the books and on the electronic access site(s)
  • $5,000 — the number of projects in the book will increase to 15

Happy to have put you over the top.

$2k here we come!


Thanks again!


Winding down on the Kickstarter:

One consideration here is licensing — the designs published to the on-line sites will be CC BY-NC-SA — so won’t be eligible for manufacture for sale for profit in quantity — the book, even the PDF will not be so limited.


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