Design into 3D: Rabbeted box with features

Okay, went to Home Depot and bought half-a-dozen 1/4" x 4" x 4’ “craft” boards (which are actually 1/4" x 3.5" x 4’):

(and yes, I went through all of the over 200 boards which were in stock at my local store to find the 6 which were decently straight and left the stacks neater than they were when I arrived)

It should be feasible to change the job setup so that we clamp up three boards on effectively 10.5" wide stock and cut one box all at one go, but that’s a bit more waste stock than I can accept, so we will shorten the box a bit — the top/bottom are fine, we just have to shift the top/bottom a bit.

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1½″ should fit, and it also raises a point on the tab location — probably better at the sides of the front/back of the box.

This file is just for .25 inch wood right. Also how do you separate such as the lid and base into separate pieces because the 16x7 file does not fit on the Shapeoko 3 which I have and not the xl?

Should fit on an SO3 — if it won’t, just rotate a 3.5" x 16" rectangle, mill it as a pocket and secure one board in that pocket as a fixture:

Attached. Rabbeted Box with features 3×8×1½″.c2d (182.1 KB)

To separate, just drag the 3.5" x 16" boxes around and disable the toolpath group you don’t need:

Thank you for the response. However since I do not have a complex clamping system I loose a inch or two in the Y and X. So is it possible to separate the lid from the bottom instead of just disabling one path? Plus, what does the x1.5 mean in the last C2D?

I only ask this because I have a 1/8 inch bit and 1/16 inch bit.

1½ inches — the double prime symble — ″ indicates inches.

Is there a way to separate the base from the top though?

Yes, the parts are separate.

If you make a box please share it with the forum so we can all see the amazing design you made come to life.

Just wanted to point out a problem in the gcode. The second side does not have a second slot. Can you please fix this.

What you do you mean? Preview seems fine here:

Oh. I don’t know then.

I’m sorry. Great design.

Is there any way I can just do that side? Because I just made myself a box with a side that doesn’t have the second slot because of my error.

Sure! Just delete everything you don’t need and cut only that — the slot could easily be added by just clamping the part and running a quick pass, or do it with hand tools.

Note that the sides are symmetric. If you have a file which will cut one side, it can be changed to the other by flipping horizontally:

Working through this again at:

if anyone has any feedback or corrections or thoughts I’d be glad of it.

Now available at:


Revisiting this with a 1.5" x 8" x 1.5" version intended as a pencil box — the previous version has moved to:

and this new one is at the original link:

and then modified a copy of the Carbide Create file using the new v5 beta arranging things so that they could be cut from a single board in a single operation (requires an XL or XXL):

Rabbeted Box with features 1_5x8x1_5.c2d (143.3 KB)

For folks with the older version here is an SVG:

Rabbeted Box with features 1_5x8x1_5

The file cuts fine (made a minor revision):

and it glued up nicely:

and is on Cutrocket: