Design shortcuts/possible features to add

I have searched and dont see anything specific so it may not exist but are there shortcuts in CC for design tools? Many design programs have keyboard keys for commonly used tools (for example SketchUp has O key mapped to the ORBIT tool, H for the HAND tool, R for the RECTANGLE tool, L for the LINE tool). Does such a thing exist in CC???

If not, is it something that could be added? From all of the threads I just searched I know there is no way for us to customize button keys, but could this be something the Carbide team could add? it would be nice to not have hotkeys for design tools.


List of the shortcuts which we have thus far at:

We’ll add this to the list of suggestions and see what the devs think.

Right, I found this list in a few threads, although this one looks to be a littel more updated, but I didnt see any specific tools on there.

It was just something I was curious about as it helps speed things up when designing. i just mess with this thing for fun so its not make or break for me just something I was curious about. Thansk for forwarding it to the devs though!

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