Designing a cribbage board

(William Adams) #1

A traditional design for a cribbage board is to have a top and a bottom where the lower portion hinges away from the upper to reveal storage areas for cards and pegs.

Start by either finding or drawing up a board. We’ll use:



(William Adams) #2

Import the file, scale it to the desired size, remove overlapping geometry, expand strokes and merge so as to create paths suited for V carving to arrive at:


(William Adams) #3

Import into Carbide Create, set stock size appropriately, rotate and select and group as needed.

Attached. Cribbage_Board.c2d (1.5 MB)

Refining the toolpaths is left as an exercise for the reader.

(William Adams) #4

Duplicate the file, remove the holes and gridlines and draw in pockets for storing cards and pegs.