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Hi guys, I’m looking for some inspiration.

I had a lovely selection of hard woods I had hoped to make into a workbench. Unfortunately after starting the project I ran into a bunch of problems and don’t feel I can continue. In short I set my sights too high and used far too large bits of wood for the uprights, when I don’t have the tools to work with it. After making the uprights it became apparent that the beams were nowhere near straight and I had no way to rectify, still I carried on but made a series of poor choices on the vertical straights and cut outs.

I’m not at the point where I’m not comfortable continuing. I’m sure I can re-purpose most of the wood for something else. However I need this new workbench by done by next weekend. Thus I’m looking into designs, and ideas.

Has anyone got any creative ideas for a workbench that a average at best carpenter could pull off? I had hopes to have it on some heavy duty castors I purchased. It needs to be around 110x120-130cm and can’t rely on US only items…



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Possibility of picking up a piece of furniture locally and just using it? an old student desk can work as a decent workbench.

Alternately, make a torsion box out of a cut up sheet of plywood, laminate a work surface onto the top of it and then make a base to secure it to.

I’ll admit that I’ve given up on the idea of a wooden workbench in favor of a lightweight folding one: (but I’m constrained by having to work out on the back deck or off the tailgate of my truck)


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Great minds - I’m currently emailing everyone in the local area who is selling dining tables. The biggest problem with that is I need it to be 100 wide, most tables are 90cm which won’t cut it.

I’m not keen on the torsion box as it takes up space I want to fill with cnc supplies. If I had more space I’d go down this route mind.

I have one of those keter workstations, it’s great. They need to take a page from C3d and make an XXL :slight_smile:


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Old Solidcore doors along with 2x4 framing underneath works really well. I made an assembly/glue up table using two flat solid core doors ripped to create the top and glued them together with biscuit joinery.


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@MrBeaver HERE is what I am using. The shelf below is great for storing flat stock and the table is large enough to have the computer on a “short leash” on the table with my 3XL while I work. I found it, secondhand, for $50. I glued a horse stall rubber mat to the underside of the table and the sound deadening is nothing short of miraculous.

I’m into this for less than a “C-note” and it has far exceeded my expectations.


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If dimensions of a cheap dining table is an issue maybe top it with a 3/4" sheet of ply of the right dimensions? Will give you that bit of extra width you’re chasing plus it’s nice and quick.

If it has nice square legs you could route a notch and easily slide in a shelf below also - or just use brackets to support it


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I couldn’t find a table…

So I got carried away today, lovely day out so naturally I took another crack at it.

I went to the hardware store and got some longer lengths - somehow found 6 true sections and a bag of screws… Not quite what I had hoped for but…

As you can see I still need my tops but good progress.

Soon it will be time to remove my main shapeoko as I have a space problem


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Today I finished it off, 18mm birch ply onto into, due to the not so straight let’s it took a little longer to complete than I’d hoped but I’m pleased with the result

I had to check it would hold some weight… Rock solid


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That looks exactly like mine except for the guy standing on it, mine is covered with a ShapeOKO!


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Ha ha, I have to make sure it’s solid. Currently my shapeoko sits on 2 of those clip together shelf units which do the job but it’s not great. As this is going to replace that I wanted something that would last, but could be moved around, I spent a long time looking at wheels and these didn’t disappoint. When locked down it didn’t budge when I climbed on it and my drive is angled.

The 100x100mm oak supports also help weigh it down. It should hold my new machine which will weigh in close to 150kg

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