Deskign Elements on Carbide3d Launchpad

How in the world do you get the Design Elements from the website into an active program?
I went to the site, logged in and “downloaded” the design that I wanted (Air Force Logo).
It went to my computer and I dragged it to the desktop.
No matter what I do, I can’t get it into the CC program.
The file that it put on my desktop is an SVG file.
I tried importing it as an image and from “Import” tool.



After an hour of trying AND after posting today’s stupid question I got it to work
I apparently downloaded a blank file. On the last attempt it loaded the file correctly to my desktop and I was able to open it in CC with the “Import” toolbar.


It should also work to do File | Open and select the SVG.

I didn’t try that. with a good file to open!

Ok so you got an Air Force logo, what now. Hopefully you got a free pro license. Many svg or files converted to svg do not vcarve well. The logo can be interpreted as very wide lines and with a vee bit will carve very deep and your carving will not look right. Do an advanced vcarvinging and limit depth to 1/16 or 1/8 inch and use #102 or #112 to pocket parts of design and a #301 or #302 to vcarve the design.

you don’t need the Pro license for advanced vcarve

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Apparently you need the license to get to the templates…

I carved out the logo in advanced v carve and it came out beautiful, but the “US Air Force” letters were crap. The software carved out the outside of the letters and chipped away at some of the innards. I then tried to clean it up with a small bit, but that chunked it wider than the original outline of the letters.
I redid the board with regular V Carve and it came out ok.
(The letters were only 1/2 inch tall, so I can’t really fault the software…much. )

For an Air Force logo see:

Thanks Will
I wish I would have seen this first. I like the version with the extra stars.


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