Dewalt 69MM Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot

I recently got a Sweepy 2.0 69MM dust boot for my Dewalt 611 router. The Sweepy came with two dust boots, one with a brush and one without a brush. Both of these detachable bases are about 1.5" deep. due to the button on the router to lock the shaft I cannot move the dust boot any higher. The pictures on the web site look considerably shorter for the 66MM ones. I did write sales but wanted to know if anyone that has the Dewalt Sweepy 2.0 has this deep boot. There is an option on the C3D website to buy a deep sweep boot and says it is only for the 66MM version.

Can someone please look at their 69MM Dewalt Sweepy 2.0 boot and see if they have a 1.5" deep boot or a shorter version.


I just remove the bottom cover when installing or removing bits. Then put it back on.

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I may have mis understood your question. I did find this post from a few years ago

That post is similar. C3D offers a deeper bottom for the 66 mm version. The pic on the post has a shallower bottom removeavle part than I have. Either they shipped it with the deep sweep or the Dewalt version is deeper than the 66mm version.

The reason I bought the sweepy is it is easier to remove than my old one. I bought a laser and need to remove the dust boot for the laser.

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Iā€™m interested in the outcome of this, because I was going to order a sweeps for my DeWalt too. I would need a shallow one (like the one for the Carbide router). I just assumed they were the same only larger diameter

I will update when the responds.

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