Dewalt Brush Change Warning

Just swapped in my first set of new brushes (I feel like I’ve finally arrived ;-)) What I didn’t know was that the first run after installing the new brushes I had carbon dust all over the piece. Fortunately an aggressive sanding took care of it but I was a little annoyed. Guess you need to run it a few minutes with a dust cloth underneath before doing your first carve,

…and yes I had the dust collector on or it might have been worse.


I have not yet joined the club, but thanks for the tip.

Hmmm, seems odd. Not to say I know it all but I’m on my 2nd 611 and 4 sets of brushes. No dust clouds here. Did you hit the commutator with some 320 grit before you re-assembled? Curious what would cause this?

No. I thought about either a sand or some alcohol so I reviewed some online “directions” and they didn’t mention doing anything like that so I skipped it. The brushes were pretty noisy at first which I figured meant the curve was adapting to its new mate. After posting this I ran another almost identical piece and it had a lighter carbon dusting but it was visible.

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