Dewalt DW611 ER11 collet nut?

Just got my S3XL in today, and my collet nuts arrived as well from another supplier, but they dont fit. I have some nice ER11 collets here to use with the router, so what nut am I looking for? Precision Bits looks good, but only talks about their kits and their sizes, not ER. The one in the Carbide3D store does not say anything other than its for the dewalt.

Searched, and did not find a definitive answer on this specifically (already checked the FAQ).

I may be mistaken but I don’t think the ER11 collets have the same taper as the DW611, assuming that is the router you have.



Well, its not too late to send this router back for one that uses a less proprietary system. Any recommendations?

Guess I answered my own question… Going to go with these

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You won’t get far finding a “less proprietary” router. There are several vendors that make nice collets for the router though, as you found.

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