Dewalt router additional arbours

I have a Dewalt router on a Shapeoko 3D system. When looking for router bits online. I see different collet sets. When I look at the Dewalt arbour the collet does not look like it can be removed? Are these sets useful for the Dewalt router?

Not sure what you mean here — provide a link?

Do you want collets in additional sizes? Elaire and Precise Bit have them for the DeWalt.

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On the DeWalt router, the collet is not removable from the nut. When you purchase different size collets, you will receive an attached nut with each one. This is actually pretty convenient since you only have to handle one piece when changing collets, unlike on the Makita-style collet.

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I have the Dewalt 611 and I have the standard 1/4" collet and I got a 1/8" precision collet. For SAE (US) that are the choices. For the rest of the world and if you want to use metric bits you can get some sizes listed below on a site:

I do not know anything about the quality of these collets it is possible to get a great variety of collets to fit the Dewalt 611 router as well as Makita.

These are not Arbor (The fixed male thread at bottom router shaft) but are collets.

Elaire Part # Hole Diameter Dewalt Part Number Price Buy Online
DWP-1250 1/8" N/A $19.50
DWP-1562 5/32" N/A $19.50
DWP-1875 3/16" N/A $19.50
DWP-2500 1/4" A24215SV $16.50
DWP-3125 5/16" N/A $19.50
DWP-1575 4 mm N/A $19.50
DWP-2362 6 mm N/A $19.50
DWP-3150 8 mm N/A $19.50
DWP-SET Collet Set 1/8",3/16",1/4" N/A $49.95
DWP-SETM Collet Set 6mm, 8mm N/A $35.50
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I guess I need more knowledge about collets.

The Elaire collets are excellent quality.

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Precise Bits has great collets and lots of size options but they are pricey:

Also tons of small end mills.


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The ER20 collets will fit in spindles which have a bore for accepting ER20 (usually larger ones, 1.5 or 2.2KW)

I got a 1/8" collet for my Makita from the first run of them which was announced on the Shapeoko forums ages ago:

Springing for the 1/4" (and 6mm) is an excellent idea — see the discussion in the above thread. Note that we carry equivalent precision collets at:

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