Diablo v bit speed and feed

Can someone please tell me what feed and speed you’d recommend for the attached Diablo V Bit? I’m currently burning pine and poplar when trying to carve letters - only on the deep portions of the font and sharp turns though

. Thanks in advance!

We do have some notes at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Endmills#V-bits

though usually the suggestion is to slow down due to a lack of chip clearance.

My suggestion would be to start with the settings for MDF since poplar is pretty soft in comparison to most other hardwoods:

1/4″ #201 or #202
7.62 cut depth
17000 R.P.M.
1 Dewalt dial seting
2.75 Makita dial setting
2032 feed rate mm/min.
762 plunge rate mm/min.

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Wow… I was way off! Thanks for the prompt response.