Dice in my Megapack?

I got a pair of dice in my megapack–not complaining, just curious what they’re for? Aside from gaming, that is? Simulating odds of success? Entertaining self while waiting for a piece to finish? :smiley:

You can make your own Custom Dice Game with them!

Skull Dice machined with a 1/32" ball end cutter in the Low Vise.


Hey Apollo - how long did it take to carve the skull into the dice?

Depending on the cutter and level of detail, the Dice range from about 5 to 15 minutes.

Thanks -Apollo. I can’t what too get it

Soooo, Where are the download files for the skull and/or the logo? It would not only be nice but helpful to have as a one of the tutorials, especially when you buy the $120 vise and get 1 dice and no instructions. Is there a link I don’t see? Thanks

15 seconds of searching, and BAM (try it sometime)