Die, stamp for gold jewellry

Want to do a jewellry stamp for gold. Material, any link to have a reference. Any info appreciated.

What are you going to stamp, a makers mark and/or hallmarks? Do you want to emboss a pattern? Do you want to create a punch using a mallet?

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Want to emboss a pattern for earrings. I would cut like a 30mm round .4mm thick blank and want to punch it with my design pattern.

A quick search says brass or aluminum would work although I haven’t tried but since gold is soft metal it shouldn’t take much to mark it. Have a search for cncing branding irons on YouTube, I think from memory Winston Moy has a few YouTube videos on exactly that. The process would be similar just smaller, I recently did this to make some embossing die and counter die for paper and it worked well.

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I’ve made quite a few debossing stamps using brass. These are mostly for leather and for wax seals, but I have a very small one I made (<5mm in diameter) that might be able to punch something into gold a few times. But for durability, I think some form of steel might be better.

Note that this is debossing, where it leaves a recess when stamped, rather than embossing which leaves a raised imprint (typically on paper from behind the paper).

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+1. I think brass or Aluminium would deform relatively quickly over time. A quick Google shows that commercial stamps use steel.


Commonly used is a fly press with a roll of sheet gold. May be motorised but often hand operated. The tool required should be made from tool steel if you are going to produce many pieces. The tool will need to impress the design just before it punches out the workpiece. Sharp edges will be left by punching. Gold for the purpose is usually 9ct (similar to 14k in the USA) for the strength to withstand the punching and pattern placing. The design will either be embossed or engraved in nature. The tool will need to be multilevel (impress design then punch out) and or split stage if doming is going to be used to raise some aspects of the design. (holding the workpiece after the doming followed by the design impression)


Thanks every one, gave me some direction, will post my results.

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