Dining chair using 2'x4'x3/4 plywood and 1 cut

Cutting all the parts from a single 2’ x 4’ plywood sheet.
First cut the 20" seat and back using a saw leaving a piece that is 28" x 24".
CNC cut and glue… Not much more to it.
I’m using 1/4 dowels covering screws to fasten the pieces together.
plywood.c2d (348 KB)
plywoodCut.c2d (240 KB)


Sounds cool! How about some pictures though?


Oops… Sorry for the delay. Been traveling… Here is a image of the chair without any finishing. Simply off the cnc and put together…


Nice and simple I like it.


Looks nice, but I suspect it is or will be a bit wobbly side-to-side. You need to add more triangle support structures to the legs. Perhaps another back support piece down the back legs.

Or, perhaps it just isn’t showing in that photo.


I agree and I would add more support. However it was more stable than I thought it would be. But for a single cut it ain’t bad. However I didn’t like it look. I used 2x8’s and it looked a lot better.
chair_2x8_1.c2d (240 KB)
arms.c2d (100 KB)
frontLegs.c2d (108 KB)
backLegs.c2d (104 KB)

Or you can use tile and one long 2x8
chair_tile.c2d (280 KB)

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