Disable spindle for drag bits

How does one disable the spindle for using drag bits on the Nomad. I’m using CC to create the gcode, it doesn’t accept zero for spindle speed.

I’ve located a couple topics relating to this but they don’t answer in a definitive manner.One alludes to: “So I suppose the thing to do is edit out any M3 or M4 commands in the g-code”. Another states: “You could also add an M5 command, after the M3, to turn the spindle off. However, deleting the M3 command is probably the best approach.”

So, no-can-do in CC? One must edit the code after hunting down the toolpath using the drag bit?

Correct. Carbide Create assumes traditional spindle usage — you’ll need to edit the G-Code, see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/G-Code


Tested and done! Thanks.

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