Disassembling Nomad - instructions ? Parts RMA possible?


I am hitting the stepping artifact problem:

I am also seeing strange geometry issue where circles are not circles but are rather ellipses. I believe this is related to the same issue as above.

Regardless, I need to fix the stepping issue. Before I attempt disassembling my Nomad and solder anything, I have two questions:
1- is there a way to get a new/fixed controller stepper board ? I can solder but the idea of soldering around surface mounted components is not appealing.
2- what is the order of disassembly of the nomad ? Are there instructions somewhere ? Again, I do not mind trying on my own but any doc would be rather helpful and make the process faster and safer.



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Fred, I suggest emailing us at support at Carbide3d. We can help determine if it is your control board or something else.
The Good news is there is no soldering.

For everyone: I contacted support and the help I have received from Jorge was very useful. It took me about 30 min to perform the operation following Jorge’s clear instructions (that eventually required some easy soldering). My Nomad is now working perfectly along all axis.

thanks Jorge, Apollo and team!!

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