Disassembly of x and z axis for cleaning

The x axis positive rapids have developed this loud jerky sound with occasional visible snags. Same to a lesser extent on z retract rapids. I’ve noticed a lot a dirty grease on the respective axis, so dirty in fact it’s kind of solid in places. This machine gets a lot of use on literally every kind of stock from tool steel to MDF and plastic so perhaps it’s not unreasonable to assume something got in to the screw mechanism.

I figure the best option to start with is clean the lead screws and add more grease. I’d really rather not dismantle the lead screws so if anyone has other options I’d love to hear them.

If it turns out I need to do that I’d appreciate a walkthrough on how to do that without messing everything up.


Not meaning to sound like a lecture, but start with a better maintenance cycle and rules about cleaning the machine.

Mineral spirits on the metal parts until clean, and then a very light dusting every trip.


You also might want to check how much play there are in the anti backlash nuts. They do wear, especially when run dirty, but are pretty inexpensive to replace.


Backlash is none existent but the x axis lead screw is loose on the left side not sure why but that definitely makes a noise.

Re: loose x the following does not come to any conclusions per se but is an interesting read!

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