Disc Golf - Walnut Disc

Been pushing pretty hard with customer items. Have to finish them all out before I can finish the cribbage boards.

Today was actually pretty fun!

A buddy of mine plays Disc Golf religiously and is putting on a pretty big tournament tomorrow with a ton of sponsors. He asked me to make something for a raffle item during the event. He didn’t give me any specifics, so I made 2 Disc’s out of Walnut. :joy:

It was actually pretty fun! I spec’d out all the regs on tournament discs and made them to spec, exact dimensions.

I purposely left the stepover larger and sanded everything flush.

It took everything I had not to throws these in the back yard.



That is beautiful!
Walnut, my favorite wood.

Would you share the file, my son plays disc golf all the time and this would make a nice gift.

Did you do the convex side first and then flip it?

I wonder how the weight is compared to the plastics?

Maybe they would play with it but would be a nice wall hanger. Plastic is a little more forgiving for being thrown around.

The disk is beautiful. Walnut is great to machine and finish. I have two big slabs of black walnut waiting to become a coffee table. Maybe the cnc fairy will make it appear magically. We will see in the morning.

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Very nice project. I like your trade-off sanding a little is sometimes better than spending all day on a cut.

I Purchased, a 1 inch air DA sander from Amazon. It works really good in tight spaces. Still end up using my thumb sander the most.


Saw your post in a Facebook group and immediately went to the forums to see if anyone else had tips. This is a sweet project! Did you use Carbide Create Pro for the 3D or do you have something more powerful?

Also, any thoughts on selling the file—I’m an avid disc golfer and would love to try to make one!

That’s amazing. I would appreciate the file too if you are inclined to share.

Here’s a link to the PDGA technical specification for disks and targets. Looks as thought there’s a pretty wide range of allowed tolerances:

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Your laptop looks as bad as mine.

Ha! Yeah, that computer is on its last leg. All the fans have stopped working on it. It can run the carbide program and that’s about it before it shutdowns due to overheating.

@clamaster @DrPete @cuedup I attached the zip file that contains the Fusion360 file and the cut files. Use at your own risk :slight_smile:

I ended up re-doing the profile and spec’d out a series (distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-range, and putters. I was never into until my kids took me out. It’s actually super fun.

Below is the video link! Starting to get some followers on YouTube. My kids are jelly.

Disc Golf Driver.zip (1.2 MB)


I have a fan for an industrial CNC that I put under mine to cool. Funny we have the same issues.

Good Luck

Many times you can open it up and clean out the fans. They tend to collect dust and quit running. I have some thin plastic cutting boards that I cut the corner off to put under the cover to pry it up. There are a lot of videos on youtube on how to dismantle a lot of laptops. I have used my little plastic piece to take the case off many laptops. They are always full of dust. Some have the bottom come off and some have the keyboard come off to get access to the system board.

I bought a usb driven fan a while back and use it in the summer to cool me when sitting in front of the computer in the summer. It is cooling me. The reason I bought it is I used to have a Dell Small Form Factor computer that set in side a cabinet and it has a lot of USB ports. I put it inside the cubby hole to help cool the computer. It just basically circulated the hot air around but hot air wants to rise and by moving it around it found a way out of the cubby hole.


You may even be able to clear enough of the gunk on the cooling fins by hitting it with your air compressor if you direct the air backwards through the cooling flow.

Disassembly is the best way as Guy suggested, but if you just want to try and prolong the inevitable without a lot of effort, some well aimed blasts may give you more time before overheating episodes.

Use low pressure. A couple of laptops ago I was using a shop vac to vac the dust off. After that my speakers were blown. I suspect the vac pulled the speaker cones too far and they were distorted ever after. Same for pressure air. Do not hit the speakers. There are usually vents for the fans.


Are the setups correct in Fusion? It looks like both setups are using the top model.

Re-update the bottom toolpaths and they will switch over to when I moved the model.

Basically, click each toolpath and hit ok and it will switch over. Thought I did that before I sent the file, but apparently not.

Depending on how long you want to job to run, I would play around with the stepover, there was a lot of sanding with the current one.

Also, to get your backside cut lines up correctly, when I cut the stock in the table saw, I didn’t move the fence at all and cut everything at 9”. So everything was completely square when I marked the center point on both sides.


What laser is that?
Also, where did you find the disk golf logo? or did you create it?

I have an entry level xTool Laserbox Rotary 40W Laser Cutter. I believe it’s discontinued.

The logo was sent to me by my buddy, it was their league logo. I was honestly surprised it turned out good based off the low quality of the image.


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