Disconnect from cutter again and again

i have Carbide Motion build 513
and after upgrade to this build and a ZZ-plus, i have regularly a disconnect from cutter
maybe 3 or 4 time in a 30 minute job
i cant work like that

nothing change except for these 2 thing

exact same computer (not on internet or any network)

and i don’t want to edit G-code to resume, don’t have time to learn g-code to achieve this and i think its supposed to work without this issue
some have the same issue on this forum and i think its a bug somewhere in the software

Carbide 3d Please

Thanks a lot for your help

Please contact us about this at support@carbide3d.com — if you have already and we weren’t able to resolve it at first go, let us know and we’ll escalate.

Thanks just send email to support

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Also, if you happen to speak French: n’hésite pas à me contacter je pourrai te donner quelques tuyaux pour faire disparaitre ce type de problèmes.

Merci oui, sa serais tres apprecier

je vais faire ce que le support me demande , cest a dire faire la job en mode Air
en fait sa arrive dans toute les job

et envoyer une photo de mon pcb du controlleur (qui est 2.4D ou E)

je vais faire un autre test aussi, jai put finir ma job sans que sa se produise en simplement fermant mon clavier sans fil, mais je pense que cest une coincidence

merci davance

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