Disconnected Mode for Carbide Motion

I recently was trying to optimize machining times. Carbide Create gives an estimate by each operation, but it cant show you improvements made by lowering z safe height, or by improvements made in a post processor. To get the best estimate of machining times, you need to plug the g code into Carbide Motion.

Unfortunately, in order to use carbide motion, I need to be standing in my garage, plugged into the machine. This would all be well and good if it weren’t winter in Canada. And my garage has spiders. I would much rather do this optimization sitting on my couch with Daredevil playing in the background.

Is there any plans to add offline use of Carbide Motion? It would help a great deal in experimenting with machining times, away from the machine.

You could try using an online g-code viewer. I have been using “g-code simulator” for years to look at my g-code before cutting it. g-code simulator

It gives estimated time for cutting as well, which is nice.

Another g-code viewer is “NC Viewer”. It has a bit nicer interface, and a few options to have it walk through the code so you can see it travel the cutting paths, but it doesn’t give the cutting extents, or cutting time.

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You could also try a grbl CNC simulator. Make the computer think its plugged into a CNC.

this is actually quite clever. lets you stay in the carbide motion app

I like this a lot. Might make editing g code easier than in notepad ++. There is always a small part of me worried i am editing the wrong part.

I also use NC viewer to quickly check gcode.
If I need to check the gcode ($C) or test something I usually have an Arduino with Grbl laying around. I then use a sender like bcnc, cncjs, or gSender to visualize and test.

@MadHatter What are you doing with the truth table engraving?


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