Disconnecting Issue with Shapeoko, wanted a little bit of advice before we start dropping $ to fix it

(Tom Kat) #21

No, unfortunately. The machine is set to never sleep or dim display while on AC power.

(Tom Kat) #22

Working Backwards:

Screen saver disabled

Sleep/hard drive sleep disabled on AC power



Error message: GRBL Error: Serial Port. Resource Error

(William Adams) #23

We have a basic page on troubleshooting connection issues at: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/can-t-connect-to-machine-or-jog/ — if that doesn’t help, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to sort this out.

(Gary) #24

I’m not having any problems with my setup. I did the obvious things like keeping my computer from going to sleep. Or turning on a screen saver. My biggest worry was I’m using a VFD without shielding on the cable (orange cable) and running it through my drag chain with my stepper motor cables. I have upgraded my drag chain to a larger size and run my cooling to the stepper motor through it also. So I put my 2 cooling lines plus a piece of round foam insulation between my unshielded VFD cable and the rest of the cables. I also incorporated a marine grounding bus bar under my VFD and tied everything that could possibly be an issue into it. My spindle, controller card, VFD, 220v, and 110v grounds. That way everything I use is on an even playing field and hopefully no place for any stray voltages to build up. On the plus side I do not need to ground my spindle when using my setup probe.

(Tom Kat) #25

I already contacted support, and they advised me to purchase (at a discount) a new controller board. That’s why I made this thread, to see if I could get it working without shelling out cash for a machine that should be supported by the company that built it.

(Jason Gay) #26

For me it seemed to be the combination of both running the shop vac and its proximity to the probe return lead. I now refrain from using the shop vac during a job and also keep the prob lead connected to anything except a ground and haven’t missed a beat for what its worth.