Disconnects - Battery Backup

Running an S# XL with Dewalt router. I am using a separate outlet for my tablet and the S3 controller. Router plugged into another outlet.

All circuits are coming from a stand alone 40 amp sub panel.

When running a job, I will get a disconnect if I switch on other tools (drillpress / tablesaw) that are wired to the same panel.

My question is how about the use of a small low cost battery backup. Not looking for it to run the system for any length of time, just provide isolated clean power.

My thought is that running the control board as well as the tablet would isolate them, and eliminate the apparent spikes kicking me offline.

Anyone have experience running one of these. A small unit runs about $50

There are a bunch of threads on the forum with a ton of different solutions to the problem. It doesn’t seem to be any one fix is a silver bullet. For mine personally, I haven’t had an issue since I ran a ground cable from the spindle mount to my electrical box. I’d say try some other stuff before buying anything.

That said, if you get a UPS to try and solve the problem, it will need to be a “double conversion” type, which are more expensive. This means it is always taking in AC, rectifying to DC and charging the battery, and then inverting power from the battery back into AC. The cheap units are typically “line interactive” meaning they normally run on AC, and have a static switch inside that transfers to battery when power is lost. So if is normally running on AC, it won’t help with your problem.


I have my machine and computer plugged into a surge arrestor and I have not had any disconnects since I hooked it up this way.

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Folks have done this, and folks have been successful with it.

There have been concerns expressed about the nature of the power draw and its effect on batteries.

There are filters that use large capacitors (which don’t wear out like batteries). APC makes some.

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Thanks - have been reading up and did see big differences like you mentioned in passing AC as well as the type of sine wave generated by the device.

I am going to look into providing some better grounding as this seems to be first step everyone takes.

Going to search the threads more to get additional ideas.

Doing some repetitive parts, so it would be nice if I could access other tools and not worry about disconnects.

I would agree on power draw. Thats why I figured router would be run off of standard outlet. I am doing that now. That outlet goes back directly to my main panel. S3 controller and tablet run off power from my sub panel. My concern is not running on power loss, but providing better isolation from power blips as the control board seems to be pretty sensitive.

I’ve been running one of these for a couple years with good results:

CyberPower GX1325U 1325 VA 810 Watts 10 Outlets Pure Sine Wave with USB Charging P… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H5CFQKO/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_4thWCbJFW10YX

I power everything except my vacuum off it.
Shapeoko, PC, Dewalt with SuperPID will/should run for about 15 minutes if I lose power too, long enough to stop/pause a job. Never have disconnects.


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I added a marine grounding buss to my setup. Mines a little more complicated then average due to my 240v spindle setup. I have had zero disconnects with it. And I run both my spindle power and motor feedback through the same drag chain. I have my 120v, 240v, Shapeoko drive board, VFD, spindle, and base for my Shapeoko all tied together on it. That way everything is on an even playing field

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