Dish / Catchall thing

My first real project. Made my wife a dish thing for her birthday. Walnut & maple, finished with some danish oil. It’s not perfect… but learned quite a bit.


Not bad for a first real project. Looks nice. I love maple and walnut together. They just compliment each other so well. With walnut and maple you can pour maple syrup over your walnuts, good stuff.


I wish my first real project looked as nice.
Great job, and welcome to the community!


Don’t tell me where you were not pleased with the final. We are our own worst critics.

Beautiful as far as I am concerned

As Michael said I think the project looked good. As makers we tend to be too critical of our work. When you gift something to people do not point out the flaws. Do not do that. If people notice a flaw they likely will not point it out. As a maker every time you see a mistake our eye goes directly to it but the receiver will just accept the piece and enjoy it. It is important to be critical of your work so you can improve it but dont dwell on mistakes just learn from them.

I keep a log book and take pictures of the process and the final product and write in the log book when I did a project and the outcome. I paste pictures in the book so I see what I have done. It is good to look back at what you did good and bad and you tend not to repeat any mistakes if you self analyze and write down what was good and bad. The main thing is to enjoy what you are making.


That is an fantastic first project! Well done! I love the contrasting wood.

A helpful tip on work holding - If you put your back stops behind the project it’s much easier to get to the green clamps from the front.

Happy making!


Beautiful work. Like OP, wish my 1st looked as good!

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