Distribute Objects

I find that Carbide Create is a good program to make objects for carving. The problem is that it lacks Distribute Objects in the align area. I am sure a lot of users that have multiple objects and would like to align and space evenly without having to draw a square to a certain size and space between each object. Does anyone know if this will be an addition in the future like in adobe illustrator?

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My understanding is that there are big plans in store for version 7 β€” hopefully this feature will make it β€” we’ll have to wait and see.

Does the Linear array not do what you are looking for? Or are you talking about a set of different objects? Like packaging or nesting?

Many programs have multiple ways to work w/ selections of multiple objects β€” one fairly common one is distributing them horizontally or vertically. Further options include by centers or by widths/heights β€” it’s a fairly common operation.

Drawing 4 circles in a row and wanting to align all to the same distance there is no place in cc to do that. If you have used Illustrator it allows you to select all objects and align to a certain distance between each other.

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