Dive into the CNC world!

I just got my Shapeoko hooked up and I am eager to dive into carving some stuff up. Where is a good place to start? If I want to just us other people’s files just to play around to learn the machine a little bit?
I am also having some difficulty getting carbide create downloading onto my laptop. I can’t get it to send me an email so I can. I tried about a dozen times yesterday, and nothing.
Other than that I am so excited to be in the cnc world.
Thank you
Any and all help is greatly appreciated
Jeff Smith

Hey Jeff, and welcome!
Cutrocket has a bunch of other peoples files.https://cutrocket.com/
A bunch of how to’s exist both on the forums and elsewhere. Strongly encourage you to check out Winston Moy’s youtube channel and the carbide3d youtube channel (where you also get to hear Winston, since he started with the company about 2 years ago).
Check your spam folder, as I think the download for carbide create e-mail went for me the first time.

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Try the direct link https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/download/

And in addition to CutRocket, be sure to check out the Carbide3D tutorials:

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