DIY Accent Light

I wanted to share a fun project I put together using my shapeoko 3 xxl. I created an accent light/nightlight using Carbide create, my stock shapeoko 3 and the stock #201 (1/4" straight) endmill that ships with your shapeoko.

The video of the entire making of can be seen at

I did use a laser cutter for the acrylic but you could very easily use the shapeoko for that as well using around 1mm DOC, 18k RPM and 1600 mm feed and 400-500mm plunge. If I was going to use carbide create to setup the cut for acrylic I would probably create two contour operations, the first with an offset of 1mm or so to leave a light chip load for the finishing operation.

I also included a list of materials and the project files on the website


Awesome! The picture looks great. I’ll watch the video during lunch.

Would be a great addition over at CutRocket


Thanks for the suggestion @mikep. I’ll take a look and see what the requirements are at CutRocket.

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Well done!

I too have been making small lights lately. Cheap to make and take little time to assemble. Although, I’ve been moving away from plugs and going with batteries for an even cleaner look. Fairy lights work great for this.

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@Heathenx I agree that fairy lights would be a great option for a small stand alone light. What contributed to my decision to show the strip LED was more to show an affordable option/approach that could scale into larger projects.

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