DIY jog pendant - combining resin printing and CNC

I built myself a handheld pendant so I could jog+zero the machine while leaning over it to eyeball things.

More pictures here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I recently got a resin 3d printer, so this was the perfect project to try printing my own mechanical keyboard keycaps. I resin printed the enclosure too. Amazing surface finish compared to anything you get with an FDM printer.
Its basically just a mini mechanical keyboard with a form-factor and keycaps designed for being a jog pendant. It’s a bunch of keyboard key switches mounted on a aluminum panel (CNC’d on my HDM) hooked up to an Arduino pro-micro running QMK so it acts as a keyboard to the PC. These buttons are all setup to output multi-key combinations (ctrl-alt-[a-r]) which I configured to appropriate commands in gSender. Works a treat.


Looks awesome. Some different colors of resin and it would be near perfect. :slight_smile:

I made something similar, with key maps for gSender inbuilt. Mine has a jog-dial too, with a ‘choose axis’ button to direct its output accordingly. These pendants transform how you work with your CNC, especially during zeroing/job set-up.
The only issue I have had is debris, fine dust essentially, getting down into the key/button action and making them intermittent. Blowing them out with an airline works for a while, but eventually the tact switches inside give up and need replacing.


I really like this. I’ve thought about using an external num pad also.

Jog pendants are useful.
I wasn’t as creative/constructive as the rest of you folks.
I just made one with my old Nexus phone and Macro Deck (free!).


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