DIY Pitbullclamps

For a long time I’ve been looking for good place to buy miteebite’s in Europe . But I haven’t so this morning I finally got some time left to mill my own.
Milled out of “construction steel”?
And yes I’ve failed a lot to get a working recipe but now I think I got it :ok_hand:t3:.


Slightly too abstract for my bird brain… do you just screw those pieces down onto your work piece with one screw?

Yes but you have to mill a fixture for them.

Check out this one:

They are really versatile I think :smile:

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Where in Europe are you? In Switzerland it’s fairly easy, only downside is that you need to buy at least 8 at a time.

Sorotec also has them but they’re expensive.


I live in Sweden, but I have missed that they have them, have bought a lot of other stuff from them.

And yes they are not cheap.

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