DIY T Track Clamps for downward pressure

I see a bunch of tutorials for clamps for lateral pressure (which I’m going to make) but is anyone using anything to apply downward pressure for those “less than arrow straight” boards we get at the big box stores?

I use the Gatortooth clamps for that.

Before those were around I did some simple clamps as noted at:


I sometimes drill holes and bolt a board (or panel glue up in the pic) directly to my MDF waste board with inserts.

Other times I use cam clamps on one side and sharpened washers on the other to surface the top before flipping it over. (I dont have a planer). Then, i used clamps like one would on a big milling machine since I didn’t have room for bolt holes.

I hope this helps give you some additional ideas for work holding which could be modified to work with T-track setup.


I made the Myers spoil board and cam clamps and fences. I use the large cam clamps a lot. The reason I like them is they are low profile so I do not run the router into them. I can also use a small retract height to speed up carving. I also have the suckit oops clamps and bought the Carbide 3d clamps which are relatively low profile. But I use the cam clamps and the L shaped brackets a lot more than I do the other clamps. The cam clamps have kept my projects solidly down on the table. If you use up spiral bits a lot then the project can be lifted up during milling. So in those cases the clamps that hold down like the suckit oops and the Carbide 3d clamps might work best.

I re cut the small clamps because in the picture the grain direction is the wrong way for maximum strength.


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