Do you cut aluminum?

So I know aluminum can be cut without lubricant. I was wondering if those who do use it,
are you still able to cut wood without the lubricant contaminating the wood?
do the cutters send it flying every where? Thanks Ray

I cut both Metal with and without WD40 lubricant and Wood, but I am not sure I understand your question. Yesterday I cut a bunch of 304 Stainless steel with coolant as well as some WD40. When the job was complete I cleaned my machine like I do after every job (Sweep, Vacuum, and a good wipe down of all surfaces). Today I cut some wood brackets with no contamination. I’m not sure if I answered your question, but I hope it helped.


Short answer is yes, you can cut wood without lubricant just fine—almost all commercial operations that cut wood cut it dry. What does help is cool compressed air and/or vacuum to evacuate chips from the work area. Yes the wood goes everywhere, but that’s what a vacuum dust-skirt and an enclosure of some type helps with.

You can also cut wood with lubricant if you really want to… but yes it soaks into the wood, so you’re oiling the wood with your lubricant… something to keep in mind as this will change the characteristics of it and your ability to finish it later.

The problem is if even the smallest drop of wd40 were to get on one of my unsealed mahogany table or a lamp,
well it would be ruined. You having the aluminum bed makes it a lot easier for clean up in-between material changes.
I think I will just set up the machine for air cooling and evacuation.
My understanding is with aluminum, the finish is relatively the same either way, with a slight advantage going to coolant. :wink: Thanks

:dizzy_face: you had a couple beers after work didn’t you ! :wink:


? What did I say that led to that conclusion? I mean in today’s case yes, I did… but I don’t generally mix alcohol and machining unless it’s rubbing alcohol cleaning parts prior to working on them :wink: