Documentation (hardware/software/maintenance/replacement part...)

I am new to CNC, all the information I can found to better understand, use (not abuse) and maintain my Nomad is good.
The intro to CNC Emails by @robgrz are excellent and this community is also a good source of info,
but Is there a specific documentation on the Nomad 883?


Good questions cpignol, I would also like some more information around maintenance… For instance the spindle bearings and belts cannot last forever in a dusty environment. Would be nice to get some idea of service intervals for PM.

The machines are remarkably low-maintenance. The only real thing we recommend is that you keep everything relatively clean.

  • Don’t let a bunch of dust collect on the rails. Most will be wiped away by the rubber seals so this should not be a problem.
  • If you get noise from the linear bearings, we like to wipe a thin layer of Super Lube oil (available on Amazon) and then run the axis back and forth. Most will be wiped off by the rubber seals but a little will make it into the bearings.
  • If a belt failed, we’d help you replace it. We have never had one fail yet and we’ve beat the machines up in testing.
  • If the spindle bearings go bad, we’ll have you remove the spindle body from the machine and send it to us to rebuild. This would be the part that we would expect to fail on a long enough time line (if it’s heavily used) so we built it to be easy and cheap to replace.
  • Spindle bearings are sealed so there’s nothing to do there.

We don’t like maintenance so we tried to design the machine so that it’s not required. Just wipe down the rails if dust collects (it shouldn’t) and that’s about it.