Does anyone use Blender "Cad Sketcher"?

I just saw a video on this topic. (Cad Sketcher Blender addon)
Can this be used to create 2.5D objects to be cut on the CNC?
Has, or is anyone trying this?

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Yes, we have a couple of customers who have mentioned using this and BlenderCAM successfully — no specifics beyond the bare report of success.

There is an “nCNC” addon that is supposed to be able to run a CNC from there as well?
Unless someone can tell me, what all is involved, I am in the shade. Not completely in the dark mind you, just in the shade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Article on that here:

You’d use it in lieu of Carbide Motion though, so can’t assist.

Thank you for your assistance in this.

After reviewing it further with the information you provided. This is not anything I will be using.

I am still looking into the Cad Sketcher to see it this will be of any use.

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