Does Carbide Create export for Mach3

Hi everyone! Total newbie here. I just got my first CNC (modified Work Bee running Mach 3). I did my toolpaths in Carbide Create, but don’t see Mach3 as a post processor. I tried the 4 options available & can’t get mach3 to run them.

Any input?

Dont use Mach 3 but they should be able to use “Basic G-Code” or GBRL. The Shapeoko and Nomad will likely not work except for C3D machines. You may need to rename the files from *.nc to *.tap possibly. Some CNC software only recognize certain file extensions. The .nc and .tap are the same gcode format but check on Mach 3 documentation about file extensions accepted for gcode.

The openbuilds Work Bee could have a Black Box controller and they have their own software that is free to run the Work Bee. You will have to figure out which controller you have and what will work.

Mach3 should accept “Basic G-code” — probably Grbl as well — Grbl uses LinuxCNC as its reference implementation and they use Mach3, so it’s kind of circular.

If it doesn’t work, let us know what errors you get w/ "Basic G-code at and we’ll do our best to look into this w/ you.

The code that was given to me (from Vectric) works fine. It has all “N”'s at the start of each line.

When I use basic or GRBL the CNC doesn’t start moving at all and Mach3 hangs up at M0;T102

I can only upload 1 image, so I’ll upload the one that is working (that was made for me)

M0 is an unconditional stop, so it’s supposed to stop — isn’t there a button in the interface for continue?

Ahhh…thank you! Now it’s moving!

One more question for you…

When I did the contour, it’s making 4 passes to cut through my piece (10mm coroplast). Is there a way to make it 1 or 2 passes for each contour instead of 4? It cuts very easily. (the file given to me has 2 passes for each cut and I think that is overkill).

Thanks again for helping me out! I’m so new & feel a little lost!

When you select the tool in cc you can modify the depth of cut and other parameters. This change is only for that toolpath and next project the default parameters are back. However you can create a custom tool to have whatever parameters you want. Be careful not to duplicate tool numbers, give custom tool a unique name/number.

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You would reduce the # of passes by increasing the depth per pass in the CAM program.

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