Does Carbide3D sell stock XXL wasteboard?

I don’t see the stock, 2 piece XXL wasteboard for sale in the Carbide3D store. Is there anyway I can purchase this? I know I could make my own but given the challenges of dialing in the shapeoko I’d rather start with a stock base and build on to that with a new supplemental wasteboard. Anyone know if Carbide3D will sell one?

No, they don’t. But that’s a good thing. First off it would be really expensive to ship a large piece of wood. Also it’s the best way to get started learning on your machine, and it needs to be surface it to your machine so it’s level to your exact setup.


If you truly need one, let us know at and we’ll see if we can work this out.

As @tmorris9 noted, it’s expensive to ship — the best options instead are:


If your having issues being able to make the cut, take the exact dimensions to a lumber supplier and have them rip the 3/4" MDF to the same specs. Many have track saws and will be extremely accurate/ often a free service as well. I get 10 sheets of mdf cut at a time to roughly 2’ x 2’ (boards are oversized 4x8) They make all those cuts for free and saves me tons of time. Now I just call a day ahead and they have it ready for me when I get there. You could essentially leave it as one piece or split like stock table. (I think they split it for shipping expense)

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Thanks for the link @WillAdams! I have some MDF, I really was just worried about getting the hole dimensions exactly right. The clamp and transfer would be pretty accurate too. I’ll make a new wasteboard this weekend and this time I’ll make a supplemental too so I don’t have to go through this again…

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Will Fennell,

Howdy. Welcome to the group first of all. Quick note, if your planning on cutting/trimming the MDF, make sure your outside and wear some PPE. MDF is great for somethings, but not for breathing, getting in your eyes, etc. A good pair of gloves will go a long way from chewing up your hands while your handle the MDF. Good luck, you will do fine.


I second the idea of protecting yourself from MDF dust. S3_XXL_Wasteboard.pdf (71.0 KB)

Here is a pdf of the spoil board dimensions. Dont get hung up on using the Shapeoko to drill the spoil board. Just lay it out with a ruler and drill your holes. You can make your supplemental spoil board but sometimes just the old fashioned analog way of doing thing gets the job done.

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@wcfennell What happened to your stock one? I actually stacked mine two high, so I can easily hang stock over the front lip. I made another wasteboard with holes for dowels and threaded inserts on top of that.

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Thanks! My machine is already in an enclosure with dust extraction but I’ll definitely wear my respirator and glasses while cutting just for extra protection. I take the same approach when cutting carbon fiber.

@neilferreri - I never used a supplemental wasteboard so my original is chewed up pretty good and I’d like to have something closer to pristine that I can mount a supplemental to.

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