Does CM have keyboard shortcuts for commands?

I have just ordered one of these micro keyboards for my s3:

the top right pad will control the x/y but the Z is controlled by the <>, ideally id like Z and increments controlled by the left keyboard.

I just need to find out a way to map the controls and keyboard shortcuts would help…


There are some, varies a bit by whether you’re running v3 or v4.

Some notes on it here:

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Thanks, I have the < and > doing Z, but I can’t find any shortcut for the jog speed… any ideas? I’m cursing CM4.08

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Keyboard control of jog speed is not supported CM v4 unfortunately… If everyone wanting this feature would email Carbide3D and/or post up a request they might restore this. It looks like everyone running a standard 10-key pads and wanting CM4 will have to find another application to apply them.

ah nuts…

looks like I need to jump onto the estl cam bandwagon