Does machine configuration require internet connection?

Making progress on building my Pro in my very unfinished workspace. I mostly have electronics left to install. Looking ahead a bit in the assembly manual, step 10.3, for the configuration of the machine - do I need to be connected to the internet for this step, or just have the latest version of Carbide Motion? I don’t have a good way to get internet in my shop so hoping I don’t need it.


Hey Josh - you shouldn’t need an internet connection for configuration as long as you have, as you mentioned, the latest version of CM.


Great. Thanks. How do I know if I have the latest version? Looks like I have build 452.

Sorry for the miscommunication… As long as you have CM loaded, you’re all good. You don’t need the latest version; but if you ever wanted to update versions, you would then obviously need connection to the internet. Will always have the latest version with a list of changes/fixes; it looks like 548 is the latest. I’m currently running build 537.

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Perfect. That’s what I needed to know. Looking forward to cutting something! Thanks for the help.

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