Does this look right?

I’m not sure If I’m making a massive balls up here but this is going to take forever. Its 3mm thick brass, letters are small as the whole object is only 70mm diameter. Its 4 5 letter words in total. It’s only to engrave the surface really but thought I would look at a v carve been as I have some tiny 60° bits.

Ignore toolpath 1, that’s for cutting around when finished. Just not separated the toolpaths yet.

30 mm per minute is … rather slow

did you want 30 inch per minute instead?

I just left create to do ots own speeds etc. I entered the tool values I knew in add tool.

Something not right there - even at 30mm/min 132-ish hours is a toolpath almost 240m long. Or to my eye going back and forth across a 70mm diameter 3400 times.

I’d guess the slow plunge dominates here. For text, lots of lift out and re-enter. What height is plunging from?

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I just changed the settings for the v bit feeds etc manually to those carbide sets for a pocket using the same tool. It’s gone down to 1 hour 57 now.

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Good point! - wasn’t thinking of plunge time.

Carbide create defaulted it at 12.3mm

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