Dog bones while vcarving

Ok…I’ve got this persistant problem of my text edges looking like dog bones when I am making vcarve paths in Carbide Create.

I’m using a 60° Vcarve bit and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it entered properly in CC:


Any ideas of what’s going on? Its quite maddening to have to go over each edge with a small file to fix them up to be presentable. Attaching the CC file in case anyone wants a look.

In Christ Alone.c2d (282.1 KB)


One possibility is that you’ve zero-ed too deep. This is easy to do because the


Not likely…I’m probing for zero…but I can double check those. I had been eyeing them up after probing. I can test them afterwards.

Is there a stock offset
I had that’s same problem
Also most v bit don’t come to a perfect point

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Far as I can tell, there’s no stock offset in CC. I’m starting from top of material in the setup. @markwal I’ve checked my zero to the top of the material is right on.

If you probe for zero and your v-bit has a small flat, you’ll get a result like that.

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The problem here is the V endmill is so narrow that Carbide Create can’t cut to the width necessary.

Inset the text by slightly less than the diameter of the endmill, then select the inset path and the original and V carve that — you can inset by half that distance and cut that as a pocket at the depth which the endmill will be cutting.

narrow? it’s .427 inch. Its diameter is almost as wide as each of the lower case letters. @neilferreri There is no flat on this bit.

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What is the thickness of the material set to?

Its set to .63 inches

Can you measure or test the angle of your bit?

Best I can measure, its 60°. The manufacturer says it’s 60° (CMT V-Grooving Bit 85801)

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