Donek Dragknife+Sheetcam; other recommendations

Hello ,

This is my first post.

I put in an order on a Shapeoko XXL a couple of weeks ago.
I am planning on cutting plywood and grey cardboard ( 3mm thick ) with my machine.

For the cardboard I will be using a Donek Dragknife ( )
As far as I have understood it the software from Carbide does not support “corner action” for the Donek Dragkife.

Anyone familiar with Sheetcam? ( )
The pricetag is not bad; compared to other CAM softwares.

Other CAM softwares I should consider?

PS: Will be 3D modelling in Rhino.

We list some information on this at: and

The commercial page has a bit more, and there should be information at and the Online Resources page lists some sources for plans.

@Hopper, I have used SheetCam since 2005 and can highly recommend it. It is as good for 2.5D machining as MeshCAM is for 3D (those are the only two CAM programs I use). In fact, on occasion when I have a workpiece with some contours but also large flat areas, I’ll use bothSheetCAM (to clear out the large areas) and MeshCAM (to do the curvy bits) on the same workpiece.

As to drag knife with SheetCAM, I can’t say becuase I’ve never done that type of work. About 25 years ago I was working for a pen plotter manufacturer, and we were just getting into vinyl cutting but that was with little round carbide bits sharpened with an off-center pyramid as the cutting edge. Then the company went belly-up…


Thank you both for your answers.

Looks like it will be the easiest way for me to cut the cardboard by purchasing the donek. - will not do a DIY solution , even though it was a bit tempting to do; considering the compact material I will cut and the 3mm thickness.

I’ll do most 2.5D work.

Will try the sheetcam , definetly!

Thanks :slight_smile:

What type of post-processor are you using in Sheetcam for your Shapeoko?

  • can´t find any obvious alternative in the dropdown list in the Sheetcam software; did try to google the correct alternative, without any great success.

Usually the Mach 3 pre-processor works, or is at least a good starting point if they don’t have one specifically for Grbl.