Double image / possible X or Z-axis issue PLEASE HELP

Good morning everyone,

This is my first post, so let me introduce myself. My name is Brian and I am new to the CNC world. I bought my shapeoko XXL a month ago and have learned a lot, however, I have also ran into some problems.

In addition to my shapeoko XXL I also have the bit setter, Z-Plus, and probe.

My biggest issue right now is double Imaging which I think has to do with my Z axis. I have probably burned through about $500 worth of would trying to fix this issue and I’m afraid I’ve ran into a dead end.

I have checked the machine mechanically by referring to a previous post and watching the following videos, however, the problem still exists:

​I have also double-check that the collet is correctly tightened and doesn’t slip . The router is also mounted securely and doesn’t shift.

I’ve also change the feeds and speeds dramatically but it still has the issue of double Imaging.

I would really appreciate any help that you guys might offer and I hope to hear from some of you soon .

Thank you!

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Please post a .c2d file, generated G-Code, and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it.

Hi William,

Thank for looking into my issue. Here is the c2d file and G-Code:

CB TEST.c2d (1.1 MB)
CB (357.1 KB)

I created a custom threaded wasteboard and secure my stock to the wasteboard by using clamps and hex bolts. I set my zero with a Carbide 3D Touch Probe and Bit Setter.

taking a look at your files… but also in the mean time, the open source tool “camotics” and the website are great ways to verify gcode (nc files)


can you maybe post a photo of a part of “double imaging” ?

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nice design btw

the retract height is set to a little over 0.1"… that’s way more than is needed if your wood is flat, and will add a lot to your cutting time

the stars V carve has pretty high F&S (especially plunge rate),but one thing I could not see in your file, what is the max depth of cut set for the V bit? I never do more than 0.1" in order to keep the forces down on the bit, and it tends to give me much better results.
High forces in a V carve can give weird results

the pocketing is a bit higher in F&S than I’m used to (I’d use 45 not 65) but likely ok

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Here is a picture of the doubling/tripling/quadrupling:

It appears that it is the left to right that is shifting, and I am cutting into Red Oak.


Thank you!

What would be a better retract height for flat wood? Shorter cut time would be great!

I have the Shapeoko XXL with the ZPlus, so I have to use Carbide Create Build 451. In 451 I do not see any options to set a max cut depth with a V bit. There is only Spindle Speed, Feed Rate, and Plunge Rate. I’ve tried to find a setting to set a max depth but couldn’t find one. If you know of a way, I would love to know how.

I normally use 0.06" for retract height.

in 451+ you set the max depth in the definition of the bit in the tool library…

I changed the retract height, but did not see a change in the estimated cut time. Does it just shorten the cut time while doing the actual cutting?

I created a bit in my Tool Database and it only shows a Depth in 2D Speeds and Feeds. After changing that I don’t see a change in the simulation. I’ve tried to figure out a way to do a flat pocket with a 45 degree edge, but haven’t figured out how. Would you have an example you could share with me?

you can also do a flat pocket with a 45 degree, but for that you need the beta release (460) that has this as a new feature… it’s called “Advanced VCarve”

if a cut is deeper than the max for the bit, CC will make multiple passes, and at each pass, take just the maximum away, so in the simulation the end result should look the same.

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What do you recommend for a V carve F&S? Also, would you recommend that all 50 stars should be done as a single tool path or broken up into for groups like I have them?

Thanks again for all your help!

I normally am a bit of a chicken wrt F&S and mine are roughly half of yours (30 IPM feed, 15 to 20 IPM plunge, but I have HDZ which can plunge HARD)

Does my Z-Plus plunge as HARD as your HDZ?

quite likely :wink:

I haven’t been able to upgrade my other machine to Z-Plus yet so not sure, but the limiting factor was the belt… both HDZ and Z-plus solve that

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The C2D file was corrupt for some reason. I created a new version of the file from scratch and all the Toolpaths look right now. Thank you everyone!

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