Double sided milled boat cleat on a sign

Dry fitting while the black fully cures and I can sand everything down.

Putting Finish on the Boat Cleats

It isn’t done yet but I feel it is ready to start showing off.


Very…minimalist? Is it just me or is there no picture attached?

That is funny I didn’t think I actually posted anything. Doing it off my phone. I will get pictures up ASAP.

Beautiful! How did you get such a smooth surface? Can you let me know what size tool you used, what the stepover settings were and any other critical settings you used?

I am assuming your asking about the boat cleat. The first couple had really bad tear out so I switched to a new bit. I typically just buy the cheapest bits I can find on Ebay. I used an 1/8" ball nose bit running 60 in/min with 40 in/min plunge rate. The step over is 5% or about 0.0063" and is the reason for the smooth surface.

Please don’t let the pictures fool you I had to sand starting at 80 grit and work my way up to 220 before I was happy with the finish. I also lightly sanded between coats with 220.

Thanks! Really appreciate the info