Double sided tape

Does anyone know the best way to get rubber double sided tape off of a carbide tool? I cut through and hit the tape and now its covered in it.

Alcohol will work with some rubbing. Acetone may work a tad better but is nastier to inhale. At least this is my experience with carpet tape, not sure what rubber tape is.

I was using Alien Tape. Its almost permanent but I misjudged where I placed it.

As @bpedit suggested soak the bit in aclohol, acetone or mineral spirits. Wipe and then put it back in the solvent. May take multiple times of soaking.

I use CMT Blade and Bit Cleaner.


That may clean the glue residue but will definitely work if cleaning dark marks and wood sap from bits. Just cleaning your bits will go a long way towards them staying sharp. The dirtier the bit the more heat is generated when cutting. The more heat the worse that is for a bit’s longevity. So recommend you clean your bits periodically with the CMT cleaner.

For those that get aluminum stock on bits lye will work to remove the stuck on alum.

This is from Winston Moy.


Thanks I will buy some of that

Hey, thanks. I got some rubbing alcohol and it worked like a charm. I let it soak for a couple of hours and it came right off.

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