Double Z-setting with cncjs

I bought my Shapeoko Pro some time ago, and due to life circumstances, stopped using it for quite a while. Yesterday I decided to remedy this. I used cncjs before, and I set up a completely new image as updating from something that old seemed too much trouble.

I am pretty sure this is working the same way it was before, but something struck me as odd.

I have a macro that I use to set the 0-point for my workpiece with a BitZero v2.

Then, once I hit “run” on my g-code, it asks me to calibrate my z again, using my BitSetter.

It’s not a problem, it’s not like it takes long, but it seems like an extra step. Are there changes to my BitZero macro I could make to make the extra calibration unnecessary?


Is the additional calibration absolutely necessary for the day in the near future (remember, this was day 1 of learning everything all over again) when I change tools mid-cut?

Which version are you running?

The new one defers measuring the Z-axis until the last possible moment.

Which version of cncjs? Current. I just set up the pi this morning.

Which version of the macros? Not sure there is even a version number. They are the same macros I used on the old version a couple of years ago. I don’t know if there are newer versions. How would I figure that out?

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